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Льюис Хэмилтон и телеметрия McLaren в Монце - комикс Fiszman по Гран-при Италии 2012

At Monza, nobody could catch Lewis Hamilton...
- Damn! I do not have a single follower! Who is going to admire the beautiful telemetry records of my performance now!?!...

Дженсон Баттон доминирует в Спа - комикс Fiszman по Гран-при Бельгии 2012

Button, the new professor of Spa-Francorchamps...
Assignment: - Explain my unexpected domination from pole to victory -
- All your papers are zero: none of you has answered the question!!...

Марк Уэббер Себастьян Феттель Фернандо Алонсо Дженсон Баттон в магазине - комикс Fiszman после летнего перерыва 2012

Formula 1 prepares to return...
- Oh no! It is always the same tyres! It wear out too quickly and incalculably!
F1 Supplies: Tyres, Rules, Ranking, Championship calculators, Qualifying booklets.

Ferrari пережидает августовский перерыв - комикс Fiszman

F1 drivers waiting impatiently for September...
What a heat! I can't take this forced August vacation anymore!...

Льюис Хэмилтон бежит с кубком Хунгароринга - комикс Fiszman по Гран-при Венгрии 2012

After Hamilton carried the Olympic Flame in England, he did even better in Hungary this weekend...
- It's true and I won with this Lotus boys at my rear during all the race! It was really hot!!...

Фернандо Алонсо и его тату - комикс Fiszman после Гран-при Германии 2012

"In Germany, Alonso to celebrate his 30th victory in F1, and shows a great samurai tattoo on the back..."

Renault готовит новый турбо-двигатель для 2014 - комикс Fiszman

35 years after first F1 V6 turbo engine has been released, Renault is preparing for 2014...
- ...it has nothing to do with last one! This time it's all about green technologies!...

Марк Уэббер благодарит Фернандо Алонсо - комикс Fiszman по Гран-при Великобритании 2012

At Silverstone, Red Bull posted the photos of all donors to their Faces for Charity campaign...
- I have to thank our biggest donor who gave me the victory five laps ago!

Фернандо Алонсо отрывается от преследователей в чемпионате после победы в Валенсии - комикс Fiszman по Гран-при Европы 2012

Alonso really enjoyed the Valencia...
- My favorite paella! Peppered safety car, with Vettel and Hamilton well cooked and steamed, a nice bit of prancing horse, a dose of luck, and a 25-point championship lead!...

Льюис Хэмилтон седьмой победитель сезона 2012 - комикс Fiszman по Гран-при Канады 2012

Montreal Grand Prix naked protests try to disrupt the Grand Prix won by Hamilton...
- This cannot continue anymore! We're tired sharing the winner costume of 2012!
- Stop different winners.
- A seventh winner is enough!

Марк Уэббер побеждает за Red Bull в Монте-Карло - комикс Fiszman по Гран-при Монако 2012

Monaco, six different winner in six grand prix, F1 becoming a lottery...
- #2 wins!...

Фрэнк Уильямс добавляет огоньку Пастору Мальдонадо на Гран-при Испании 2012 - комикс Fiszman

With the victory of Maldonado in Spain, Frank Williams had the present he hoped for his birthday...
- I knew that my 70 candles would add him a desire to arrive as quickly as possible!

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